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We recently launched a new company called ooi that is developing a social network platform. We are very excited about the new ideas it introduces. I'll release more details as we get closer to a public beta.

I'm curious to hear what you are doing with social network technology.

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I am still in the user category where social networking is concerned but I'm always trying to think of ways to contribute as a developer. Right after I started using Twitter I thought a couple of times that I had a great original idea only to find out that someone else had already done it.

For me, last night's Manoa Geeks meeting was a very good example of the benefits of social networking. I was in a room with dozens of people that I had never seen but only a few that I had not 'met' as a result of my memberships in TechHui, Manoa Geeks and 'The Reef'.

I'll be very interested in seeing what new ideas are presented by the ooi network!
Hey Haken. I am casting a wide net. I'm referring to people working on complete social network platforms like ooi, Prometheus (UH project), etc. and people that are utilizing existing social network data (Facebook, MySpace, Ning, etc.) via widgets, mashups, OpenSocial, etc. Folks working on other technologies with social aspects are also welcome.
Haken said:
When you say "social network technology," do you mean mashups off Facebook, MySpace, Diggs, etc.? Or do you mean technologies like blogs, chats, forums, file sharing, etc. used to build a social network?



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