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Congrats to Pomai Souza of The Tasty Island for being covered on CNN's Eatocracy:

Having been born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, I've been blessed all my life living in such a beautiful place with warm-hearted, kind people and of course, fantastic food.

Yes, food is certainly a big deal here in the "Aloha State." Being the cultural melting pot that Hawaii is, with plenty of history behind it, it's no wonder this is the birthplace of such creations as the "SPAM Musubi" (think sushi with luncheon meat instead of fish on it), "Saimin" (a fusion noodle soup made with Chinese style noodles and pork, Japanese dashi broth and fishcake, and American luncheon meat and/or ham) and "Loco Moco" (a popular "plate lunch" entree made by topping rice with hamburger steak, fried eggs and brown gravy). Not stopping there, Pacific regional and Hawaiian regional fusion is more popular than ever, thanks to pioneering local chefs, as well as up-and-coming stars in Hawaii's world-renowned culinary scene. Read the full post on CNN

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