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The new Microsoft Kin interface is pretty interesting. It's got two features called the Spot and the Loop that are visually engaging. Oh ya and guess what, this Kin interface is built with Flash. How you like them -- Apples?

Endgadget did a review of their UI here.

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I think it's built in Microsoft's 'version' of Flash, called Silverlight.

It looks a bit noisy and messy to me, but then again, I'm not part of their target audience, or the "Generation Upload", as they call it ;)
I will admit to being one of the 3 people interested in a phone with Zune music subscription service. With Rhapsody spinning back out of Real Networks, and MS phones adding Zune clients, it seems like there is some new energy in the music subscription model.

Interestingly, there was no mention of pricing in these announcements. What would be cool is if the phone is free with a 1 year music subscription, or something like that.

Oddly, though, these phones offer Exchange client mail and contacts, but not calendar. Doesn't "Generation Upload" still have to keep track of there class schedule?



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