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Apple's answer to Google buying AdMob: We've built our own* - iPhone OS 4 incorporates new ad tech called iAd. I wonder what this will mean for the mobile ad industry.

* They actually acquired Quattro Wireless, modified it and integrated it. Mahalo for the correction John.

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iAds look like they can be their on completely functional "app" within an app... When I say completely functional, A developer could even create a playable game and more.
If anything this sounds like Apple getting into Google's face by getting into their bread winner - advertising, and nudging harder for HTML5 adoption instead of flash (the ads need to be in HTML5). And maybe developers can get some extra cash for the free apps that they develop...
The app within app model seems to be the way to go. I could see film studios being all over this to have a banner promoting their film and then having it play a video inside the app



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