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This is very exciting news for me because honestly I would much rather build an AIR app that runs on Android than an iPhone app. Mostly because objective-c skills aren't there yet and I know Flash/Flex much better. You listening, Apple?

"At GoogleIO Adobe announced that Flash Player 10.1 and AIR for Android will be released for Android 2.2. However that wasn’t the only thing they announce. As of the 20th anyone can download the AIR Prerelease and begin testing Flash development for Android. In this overview I will give a little background into the Flash Player 10.1 improvements, walkthrough some of he code I have ported over and talk about performance of AIR on Android"

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Hey Gus, I'm on board with your sentiments.

I was phone shopping yesterday and had the manager do a little internal research. Apparently Google, Adobe and Microsoft are all working together to make Flash based mobile content with the 10.1 Player a reality within the next six months -- or less. You listening, Apple? Working together on a solution.....

It's going to a very happy day in my world when I pull up a Flash- based app on my phone, especially if I had a hand in it's development..
The Froyo release for Nexus One came out at the weekend, and whilst the original link has gone it's out there somewhere. Journalists phones have been updated already and the rest of the Nexus phones will be getting it over the next few weeks.
I managed to get the update whilst it was live on Google's site, and my Nexus is now running it. Included in the marketplace is.. Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta.

I've installed it and given it a whirl, not really expecting much at all.

Boy was I surprised. I haven't done exhaustive testing so far, but what they've got as a Beta appears to be small, lightweight and high performing. Why the heck can they manage to do this for Android and not on the desktop?! (nor can they manage to get a stable Flash version running on Linux normally)

I've been adamant against wanting Flash myself, but at the same time wanting to have the option (Note to Mr Jobs: Giving users choice is a good thing.) and so I finding it a bit boggling to discover it's working well.
Quite what the advantage will be entirely I'm not sure, currently it'll be a few flash games and maybe a video site or two that doesn't have a native mobile site or Android friendly app. If Adobe Air gets on and has a decent compiler in it, hopefully it could open up the phone to some more developers too.



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