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So is there a critical mass for doing dinner this week?

Asian Star in Wailuku sound good?

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I've been running around thinking that I was booked on Tuesday, turns out, it's clear. So I could do that.

Am not able to make Tuesday and will be in Honolulu Wed and Thurs.

BTW, there is a tour of what looks like a fairly sophisticated aquaponics farm owned and operated by Lloydd Fischel in Haiku Monday. See and I have met Lloyd and he is at heart a tech entrepreneur. I see you are planning to attend Les.
Yep - I'm looking forward to it.
Either or both Tues/Thurs works for me. I'm gearing up Maui Makers and would love to get more input from Maui Techies. I'll be at the aquaponics event Monday - its just up the street from my house. If anyone wants to come kick back afterwards they are welcome - not a lot of furniture yet though.
I think this works as a side discussion that you have to navigate to from one of the upper areas on the Maui Techies page. Main stream folks only see the title and last reply, unless they navigate here. A bit cumbersome IMNSHO.
Yep - I haven't created an Event yet, it's global for the system. Unless you subscribe to this, you don't know about it, but I posted a comment on the main thread that everyone will see.
Ok, to RSVP, click

Did we make a reservation last time?
This was fun and a good turn out. If you didn't make it this time, maybe I'll see you next!



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