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In the old days, people hacked their own javascript or downloaded disparate scripts from one scripting site or another. Today it's much more efficient and elegant to code a site with Web 2.0 features using a Javascript library or framework.

Which one do you use? And why do you like it?

I use Mootools for almost all my Javascript now. I like Mootools because it's lightweight, has fantastic animation capability and the ease at which it does AJAX and selects elements. Mootools also has a large and active community of developer which have released a cornucopia of nifty mootools based classes which you can use on your sites. Here's a sampling:

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I've used YUI, jQuery, and Prototype/ But haven't used them enough to know their strengths and weaknesses yet. From my experiences so far, I like jQuery's simplicity and power. YUI seems to have the most documentation, and I like the fact that there is a large corporation backing the framework.
Depends on the project. I've used Mootools alot and like it for most of my freelance work. For MobileMe, back when it was .Mac I lead the team's implementation of Prototype/Scriptaculous for Webmail. Prior to that, we had a hand-rolled custom internal library that abstracted the XHR stuff for us but pretty much left the DOM helper methods out in the cold. This was in 2006 back when XHR was just starting to really take off.... we had built one ajax app with our custom library then migrated to Prototype/Scriptaculous for all our subsequent apps. SproutCore uses Prototype.

For quick control and animation of the UI layer I like Mootools the best. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, most of my freelance work uses Mootools as its usually just to implement custom event based layout/rendering, simple XHR stuff, or accordion/slide effects.
I read that Microsoft Visual Studio will include JQuery. Here is a blog link and another blog link.
I use jQuery, but haven't used it long enough to get too deep into it. I really like its simplicity though.



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