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Man, free admission to JavaOne (a $1900 value) is a compelling reason to take a few cheap classes at Leeward.

I might have to do that for next year; hopefully then we'll have presentations on doing JRuby and Jython on Google AppEngine. :-7

As an aside -- I took JRuby 1.3.0 out for a test drive the other day, and it totally kicked Ruby 1.9.1's ass, hands-down, on a Quad-Core machine. I'm talking over 3x the concurrency capacity, and about 3x speed improvement once the Java JVM has "warmed up" and JITted the common execution paths. Basically, Java is better equipped to take advantage of multiple CPUs, and the JDBC ConnectionPools are more mature and perform better.

If it weren't for the occasional blip (under 1% of connections) under heavy load, I'd call JRuby production ready today. With renewed interest via Google AppEngine, I'm sure these outlying bugs will be fixed soon.

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