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Hi all,

I'm trying my hand at Java development with the GWT with Eclipse on a mac. According to Apple, Leopard comes standard with Java and it's SDK. Eclipse detected Java 1.5 JRE and SDK. But With Leopard Update 2, Java 1.6 is also supported. But there's no mention if the SDK was also included. The GWT user guide says I need to install the Java SDK, and I want to use Java 1.6. Do I need to install the SDK for 1.6 or is it already available? How do I check?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I haven't checked this out, but I suspect if the java compiler is available in the java6 directories then the sdk is probably installed. otherwise you probably just have the java runtime environment (jre).
Oh, ok. Then I guess it does come with the OS. Thanks.

Check this out:

I'm using osx 10.5.7 and I'm still on JRE I have'nt checked on this since February but Apple has not included support for Java 1.6. Hope this helps.
Actually, they have. It's just not the default. You can look in


and see which versions are available. Even their announcements for Update 2 mentions support for 1.6. I'm also running 10.5.7. The Java Preferences application allows you to control which version is used. You can see symlinks in the above directory that indicates this.

Unfortunately, there's a CurrentJDK symlink in the directory which I don't know how to change (via OS utils). This symlink is still pointing to 1.5. Thus, Eclipse is still using the 1.5 JDK. I don't want to just change the symlink, cause there might be other places I need to change as well. I prefer to use the provided mechanism to change these things. If anyone knows how to do it, please post. Thanks. I'll post an update if I figure it out first...




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