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Facebook just surpassed 1 billion users. Are you using Facebook to promote your start-up. Make sure you get the maximum ROI for your limited marketing dollar by understanding the difference between social advertising and search advertising. I provide 12 examples of Facebook adsand explain the social psychology behind what made these ads so effective. Before you launch your first Facebook ad campaign, read this!

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Hi I love your website and your examples and tips!  They are very useful and good advice, each covers different aspect of social psychology!  

I believe social media marketing is going to explode soon and those that get into this new form of marketing is going to be very successful!  All you techies should jump right in and learn, but for businesses they should seek expert advice because there is branding and targeting issue that is sensitive to success. 

Thanks, John! The secret to companies being successful online is to have a sales funnel developed for their website -- understand where traffic is flowing and how that traffic migrates through your site. Social intersects with each stage of the purchase process, and Internet marketers should have an offer for each stage -- awareness (information); motivation (offer); evaluation (trial); selection (sale); happy customer (referral) -- rinse & repeat.  I see too many businesses focusing on selection (sales) process, and not enough attention, or thoughtfulness, into the awareness and education components. Put simply ... don't push your sales on social media. There will be time to sell your product later in the cycle. Trust the process. The most important thing is to be visible in front of audiences that count. Here's my idea of what "success in social media" looks like.



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