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From a reply I posted in another local social network:


My best guess, is that this will be just like the dotcom boom/bust of the early 2000's. Many people will get into the field because they think there's money in it, and many of them will not have enough passion or talent to last in the market. In a few years, it will all begin to even out, and those people who were already valuable before (either by having existing clinical knowledge or IT skills) will be the ones left standing. Those people who were already valuable will just have an extra certificate to add to their resume. The "meaningful" portion of their skills will still be the same.


As far as how to find willing mentors and internships? Most people I know in the field are too busy to spend much time assisting others, but a group that gets together and meets to discuss healthcare IT might be helpful. If there's enough interested people (who are willing to work hard and learn), I'd be interested in teaching/learning with a small group.


Contact me at if anyone's interested.


So anyone out there want to get together and start hacking away on EHR's? We'd be doing a *nix/GT.M/VistA stack. I'm not so interested in discussing broad overviews of healthcare IT, or how to find money or employment in the market (though undoubtedly the conversation will stray that way occasionally). I'm mostly interested in sharing deep technical skills. It would be mostly aimed at other techs, but anyone would be welcome to join if you're willing to spend your own time on keeping up with the group.


Let me know.




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