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I will be in NY during the next meeting (May 6th). Is anyone willing to take the coordination position for May? You are welcome to use our facilities or your own. Cory from Blue Lava has agreed to present Blue Lava's iLovePhotos UI and share his usability testing experiences with us. I'm bummed I will miss the presentation because I am really interested in the application.

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I can't make the May 6th date either. How about switching to May 13th?
We can do this, but I will still be in NY. I hope we can find another coordinator.
Hmmm... even if we could invade the space at MIC - it's nice to have access to the computer equipment to do demos and I have a feeling that simply won't run as smoothly without you there.

I personally don't mind doing it towards the end of the month - May 20 is fine by me.

I'll supply food/drinks this time.
may 20th works for me as well (just getting up to speed on this so I'm glad it hasn't happened yet!)
OK - Done deal. We meet on the 20th. Cory - can you please send me a short abstract and bio?

I am in town so I can serve as coordinator.

here's the link to the article on providing incentives to quit:
Is this group still active? It seems that the last meeting was months ago.
I don't think we've had a GUI Meetup since Cory's presentation. Would you like to spearhead another meeting?

Roger Garrett said:
Is this group still active? It seems that the last meeting was months ago.



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