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Hi, all.

I've been developing a chatbot for Avatar-Reality. You can give her a try at (seek out Suzette).

bruce wilcox

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Nice work! Are you doing any natural language processing, or just searching for keywords? Did you program this chatbot from scratch or are you using something like ELLA or Jabberwacky?
Suzette is a mashup of technologies, much more powerful than AIML. (which I critiqued in Suzette uses the Wordnet dictionary and ontology, combined with CMU linkparser, a strong pattern language, a runtime system that supports chat (which AIML does not), and a knowledge representation system for storing facts and inferencing.
Suzette is very impressive. She passed a number of tests that trip up other chatbots. One suggestion - Given that she claims to be from Kailua, she should be programmed to respond to questions about the city. Currently, she says she is from Kailua, but if you inquire about the city she says she has never been to Kailua :-)
Good point. Her Hawaii backstory is new. Hence you hit the default about a place. Though she can give you driving directions between various oahu landmarks. Roadwork is represented in fact graphs and she has graph traversal algorithms (including slow/fast/ and one-way roads)



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