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I've been anxiously awaiting EA's release of Spore for three years. Spore is a genre-bending game that lets you start as a single cell organism and evolve into a space faring civilization.

It sounds like its finally going to happen next month. EA released the Spore creature creator in June. Users have already created over two million creatures!

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Has anyone tried Spore since it released? I installed it and it didn't register properly (not in the Programs listing). When I ran it, would crash to desktop. I un- and re-installed several times, no luck. I filed a report with EA and got a reply saying they were very busy and will get back to me. Well, just grins I tried running it from the disc and bingo! It runs fine although the initial loading is a bit slow.

The game itself? Most of it is very familiar but very well packaged with a charming look and feel. I'd give it a 7 out 10 overall.
I've only tried the creature creator, which is a lot of fun. I hope after the release of ooi to have a few free hours to try the game :-)

What strikes me as unique about the game is the fact everyone is participating in creating an ecosystem. Apparently other people's creatures are injected into your gameplay at appropriate points in time.
From a gaming perspective, the game has not live up to it's promises. The creature creation tool was pretty much all the fun it has. The game simply meshes four easy-to-play mini games together and bundles it with the tools.

I have read stories that Will Wright's vision was short of miss presented because they wanted a more casual approach, instead of a scientific one.

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