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I am arranging a big speaker coming to Honolulu next month to speak on PureMVC for use with Flash & Flex. He will also talk about other popular framework solutions such as robotlegs, and parsley.

I am trying to gather interest locally for this event, so please let me know if you would be interested in learning about PureMVC for use in your Flex projects. This is a free event, but will only take place if I can get people to attend.

If you have any questions, please contact me!
Also, the speaker is also interested in learning people's workflows here in Hawaii,and has been asking me about Flex opportunities here in hawaii for Enterprise level Flex Developers. Even if there are no jobs now(due to the economy) he would be very interested in seeing what type of Flex Applications are being build here in Hawaii!

I will post the event on the Hawaii Flash User Group tomorrow, which can be seen here:


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very cool John. I've been busy and missed the last meetings but I would definitely try to make it to a PureMVC meeting. I think you're speaker should come join TechHui if he wants to know more about Flex Opportunities in Hawaii. Here's one Flex App that I recently worked on that uses Papervision. I used Cairngorm for this app though.
Hi Gus,
That is good that you can make it to the meeting. I always try to get good speakers for the group, but being in Hawaii makes it harder to get people to come here. Yes I will surely tell him about the TechHui site.

Nice App!
I will keep you updated on the event.
I am also lining up another speaker to come out in April or May on Flex Data Visualization `-`
I just added this to the calender here on tech Hui. I hope that everybody can come out for the PureMVC event, I am very excited about it. Steven is a real expert on PureMVC and it is great that he is flying out here just to give a talk to Hawaii's Flash & Flex community.

Please check out the meeting on Adobe groups, and the meeting will be live if you can't make it, you can see it on-line too.



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