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Please come to our flash user group meeting next week, as we will be having a special guest speaker flying in from New York to speak about AIR!

Justin Akin will go through some of the current advanced features not available to flash, building an application, updating an application, sqllite, etc. Then he will talk about some of the new stuff coming with AIR 2.0 and show off some of those features.

he date should be on the 30th, but I will finalize this tonight`-`
leave a comment here if you would like to attend the event, which is free!

I will make a posting later on the Adobe Groups site tonight, and put it in the Event calendar here on techHui as well.

I hope to see you there!

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I'm in for AIR action
I would love to attend this event!
wow that was Quick`-`
Yep when I heard that Justin was really coming out for sure, I just said lets do it next week. I am sill whiling to talk about Max and updates to Flash CS 5, but AIR is too cool of a topic to miss out on, plus the changes of getting somebody to come to Hawaii to talk about AIR(excuse me if there is an advanced Flash/AIR developer already in Hawaii, I am not aware of anybody) might not happen for a while. I am too stoked about this!

This will mostly likely happen in place of the Adobe Max, Flash CS 5 talk.
See you soon`-`

Ps. I am going to email harley to see if he might be interested in having a joint meeting too
@ Scott you are more than welcome to attend, please bring friends if you think they would be interested as well!
I made a post on the groups site, but the date might change, will find out by latest tomorrow the final date.

I will update this post as well`-`
You can see the post here:

Flash & Air



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