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Anyone working with a framework for backend persistence. Awhile ago I abandoned amfphp and now hand code httpservice calls to a php webservice. Old school and manual. No headaches on the server side and I've got enought boiler plate to handle most exceptions and errors.

I'm on Flex 3.4. I haven't tried any of php code generation tools. Most of my interface has been with legacy databases, so I didn't think that cake php would be worthwhile. Anyone had any luck with data centric desing offerings?

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Hi Doug - Our Flex projects use either RoR or Java in the middle tier with MySQL as the DB. The platform decision is based on the requirements. Have you read Flexible Rails?
Not sure about the php side of things but Blazeds works pretty well with Java and is 'hella fast.
@ Daniel, thanks for the pointer. I bought the book when you posted, but slow shipping. I'll need to dig in before I take the plunge to RoR.
@Gus, thanks for the pointer. I've set up BlazeDS in the past, but I know from long ago that tomcat config is just no fun and my customer doesn't want/need an additional server.

Don't know if any is intersted in Cairngorm, but I was until I came across this interesting post:

Solving a 'data refresh problem'
I haven't seen this posted anywhere but I may do a poor mans / hybrid in lieu of Remote Shared Objects., using AFCS to broadcast to a message cue and rely on webservice refresh or repull.

Rather a disparate post from me this morning.
Anyway, thanks to you both.



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