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Nikolas Yem wrote: Whatever happened to the Hawaii Eclipse Users Group? I know that we started off strong and then as with all things... life gets in the way and we started to slowly lose participation.

My two cents: I think Greg and Steven did a great job with the Eclipse Users Group. I really enjoyed the meet-ups. In my opinion, it would be easier to garner greater attendance if the scope was widened. Oahu is probably a bit small for an IDE-specific group. I think it should be relabeled Oahu Coders and have topics of interest to developers who use Java, Ruby, Objective-C, etc. regardless of their IDE. There could still be plenty of Eclipse related topics and Greg and Steven could still run things.

Oahu Coders would be easier to promote. We would feature the meetups on TechHui and mention them in our monthly newsletter.


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I'm using Eclipse on a daily basis. For Java projects but even for C-projects. Although admittedly the latter only to build dynamic libraries to be called from Java. And Flash Builder is basically Eclipse with a few custom add-ons, so effectively I'm doing Action Script in Eclipse too.
Hi Mark - To clarify, I didn't mean to imply Eclipse is Java-only. We also use it for Java, Ruby and Flex. Its a great IDE, but I don't think this is a big enough place to exclude users of IntelliJ, XCode, etc. That is why I think we should have a more inclusive group - Oahu Coders. It doesn't mean there can't be Eclipse topics.

Hi Daniel,

Please count me in.  I've been struggling with converting my straight forward Ant assembled ear project to take advantage of the newest version of Eclipse.  I can tell it wants me to disassemble my single Ant assembled project into a collection of different kinds of projects to deal with the war component, ear component, new JPA module (that destroyed the value of my hard won mastery of the good old Entity Bean), etc.

I need a support group ... that conversion is killing me.




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