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I'm new to Drupal. I worked on a Joomla project last year so i have some understanding & experience with OS CMS architecture & concepts (themes, modules, plugins etc). I'm trying to set up some fairly big query forms using the Web Form module and I'm playing around with the CCK too. Would love to meet up with local Drupal gurus to share tips and ideas.


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I've just started using Drupal to build my websites now. I used to use wordpress, but I felt like the overhead for the system was too much. Drupal seems even easier to configure than Wordpress and requires a whole lot less muching around in code. I'm certainly not a Drupal Guru, but I'm certainly enjoying the learning curve.

My first Druipal site:

Client site (more to be done): Maui Wholesale Flowers
Thanks guys. I agree, Drupal was easier than even Joomla to set up and get going. right now i'm mucking around with the Web Form module and trying to figure out how to communicate with a web service. I want Drupal to act like a SOAP Client, and make SOAP requests to a web service. From the web form interface i want to pass data back and forth. There's a project at, but i haven't gotten my head around it yet. And i'm not a web services expert either.

(Sorry, i cannot publish a link to my site yet, client wants it under wraps at the moment.)




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