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Have any of you used both? If so, I'm interested in how they compare. From my casual review of the Django docs, it seems to offer a very similar solution stack and approach (concentration on DRY, using naming conventions to eliminate the need for excessive config files, etc.)

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Hi Ryan. Welcome to TechHui!

Thank you for the detailed reply.

What type of comparison are you looking for exactly? :)

I was just curious if the frameworks are in direct competition, which seems to be the case based on your reply, or if they are targeting different project types.

> but I really come from the Java/C++ world...

So do I :-) I do most of my work in Java and C#. In terms of scripty frameworks I've worked with Zope and recently played around a bit with RoR.
I recall seeing your name on the Yahoo coder's list a few times... are you guys still meeting?

Absolutely. Sam Joseph coordinates meetings every month. The last talk I did was on Flex vs. Silverlight (source here.)



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