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As promised, the files from Wednesday's presentation are attached. The zip files are Eclipse projects. The AddClient and AddServer provide a very simple example of how to publish a web service using Java 6 and consume it using Flex 3. Both examples are less than a dozen lines of code!

Feel free to post questions, comments and creative insults in this forum.

A random thought re: Silverlight: Instead of spending four billion on Yahoo in an effort to fight a battle lost to Google long ago, why not invest in developing office applications for Silverlight? This would allow simultaneous releases on Windows, OSX and (soon) Linux under a subscription model. It would also greatly reduce the cost of maintaining office on multiple platforms. Google's online office productivity apps are getting better every month. I think Microsoft should be concentrating on this area rather than flailing around in the search space.

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A quick follow up on the Silverlight portion of the presentation:

In addition to missing basic widgets like text input boxes, the tool support is very, very poor. None of the third party widget libraries work properly with Expression. VS 2008 still has no support for Silverlight in the designer. There are also stability issues. Silverlight crashed my browser several times while I was preparing for the presentation.

I'm excited about being able to develop rich client apps in C#, which is a much nicer language than ActionScript. The fact that Silverlight supports compiled .NET languages and dynamic languages is very compelling, but in its current state Silverlight is virtually unusable for anything beyond fancy navigation widgets and animated eye candy.



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