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This post is probably for people who are interested in networking in Japan.

Although still in beta, Yahoo just started their version of a business SNS in Japan. Lots of talk on the web to see if this will be the linkedin in Japan. You can check out my blog entry for more information.

It's by invite only with about only 3,000 members so far and naturally full of people in the tech industry. I finally got my invite today so if anyone on techhui is interested, I'm willing to send an invite! ^_^

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It will be very interesting to see if CU takes off.

I'm willing to send an invite! ^_^
Yes please :-)
Hi Dan,

I forgot to mention that sign up requires a yahoo Japan ID. (Which I think they shouldn't require...why not OpenID?) If you can message me with your yahoo japan mail account, I'll be sure to send you the invite.

After trying it out for a day, thus far, I'm very disappointed with the lack of features in CU. Besides organic groups and rating your personal connections with others, I don't really see any features to promote user activity and interaction. It looks like they just customized OpenPNE and just launched it. Perhaps they'll be adding more features in the future.



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