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I ran into a problem with implementing an IME application.  I'm writing an IME that can use multiple input methods.  So the package has 3 services, one per input method.  The problem is, the 'Input Method' picker in the System Bar uses the app's icon and label instead of the icon/label I specified in the manifest's service tag.  As a result, the user can't tell which method to select.  Is this a bug in android or is there another location where I need to specify the icon/label for an input method service?  I searched google and all of the usual forums and couldn't find any programming information about the 'Input Method' picker in the System Bar.


Note, the 'Language & input' settings menu uses the right label, but the icon isn't used there.  So at least part of the AndroidManifest.xml file is correctly used.  There's also an older input method picker (for older versions of android) that does use the correct label.  The older IM picker doesn't use the icon either.


I would greatly appreciate any pointers in solving this problem.  Thanks in advance.




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