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IIBA has a rather elaborate process for establishing a new chapter with over 100 pages of relevant documentation. Probably the most significant requirement is gaining commitment from at least 15 IIBA members. We can discuss the process in this Discussion thread.

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Great! Let's get started...are all members of this group IIBA members?
Our chapter start up process is progressing. I am planning the following meetings:
4/22/10 Introductory Meeting (agenda below)
7/22/10 Kickoff Meeting (a step in IIBA's chapter start up process)
?/??/10 Organizational Meeting (to approve bylaws and elect officers)
?/??/10 Chapter Launch Meeting (this is the first official meeting as a chapter after all the paperwork is completed including signatures of 15 IIBA members).

After discussion with IIBA, we plan to make this the "IIBA Hawaii Chapter" in name and scope. This will allow branch chapters on neighbor islands if there is demand while also minimizing corporate administration with the State and Feds.

Introductory Meeting
Thursday 4/22/10 10am-Noon (or 1pm if you want to stay and have lunch there with us)
ING Direct Cafe, 1958 Kalakaua Ave. Telephone: 808-955-1435


1. Introductions Round Table
What are your BA interests? E.g., Would you like to have exchange around BPM? Would you like to have a study group around the BABOK? What has prevented you from becoming an IIBA member?

2. Review Chapter Start Up Process

3. Need for Volunteers through the Start Up Process
- Program (help with meeting locations)
- Membership (start collecting at least 15 signatures)
- Organizational ("Legal"-drafting bylaws and incorporation) [I think we have a volunteer for this]
- Joomla Website [to back me up]
- Sponsorship
- Elections Committee (By Kickoff Meeting)

4. Value Proposition for Organizations-
It seems it would be useful for us to have a slide deck explaining the BA/IIBA value proposition to organizations. We will have some points to kick this discussion off but we'd like to hear your views on what would be an effective argument for your organizations to support the IIBA-Hawaii Chapter. Levels of organizational support could include reimbursing your membership fees, providing meeting space, becoming an IIBA Corporate Member, or becoming a Chapter Sponsor.

Please send me a message if you're planning to attend. Hope to see you there.
Margaret Garcia Latonio said:
Great! Let's get started...are all members of this group IIBA members?

About 33% of this TechHui Group are IIBA members already. There are 12 IIBA members total in the state though most are not represented here.



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