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Is anybody doing anything with the TechHui site at U of H sim on Second Life


I noticed a malfunctioning link there.

1,000 prims still available on that sim,

and 14,952 prims available on the College of Education site sim next door.

(shows as "Grand Opening in Fall 2010).


Alot happening with prototyping and social network / IT interoperability and eductaional opportunities available in this environment now ...

Alot of improvements ... real-time interoperability with website EC / client previews very viable ...


Seems like a potentially good and low-cost (free) tech 3D collaboration environment.


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Hi Rik - I don't think anyone is, because we aren't very active in SL, but if someone else wants to take ownership of TechHui in Second Life we promise to provide whatever materials, content, graphics, etc. they require.
Thanks for the response Mika.
Do you know how many prims are able to be allocated for use by TechHui,
and are any of the prims from the College of Education sim next door available to you?

I would be interested in collaborating up a TechHui presence if there was interest, and prim resources were available.
I am starting to prototype bamboo structures using low-poly sculpties in SL and have all the scripting resources to establish a VERY realistic tropical beach scene with moving waves et al ...

e.g., you could build a nice tropical meeting pavillion for prototyping, building education, classes, etc. with a budget of a few thousand prims on about 1/4 of a sim ... and link it bi-laterally to the TechHui website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. ... and even take donations (real money or RL VL stuff) to the account of TechHui.

Let me know if anybody is interested ...
Aloha Rik. I missed this post from last year. Apologies for not responding. I don't know how many prims UH has made available. We are happy to provide whatever creative assets you require if you would like to take the lead on TechHui in SL. Our primary SL person is Gus Higuera, our creative director.

Aloha Mika,

That was awhile back ...

I ended up creating several 3D interactive models that talked with MS/SQL databases, Google Earth, Websites, etc.

Lot of capability in SL, but I never got much response or interest, so I put it back burner.


Let me know if you or Gus want to talk further about the potential (which I think is timely and awesome).  I can offer some ideas and show examples to see if any of it fits your business model for TechHui, non-profit or otherwise.


FYI, I am still talking occasionally with several people about using interactive 3D models for global education.  Obama Admin and have expressed interest, and I can put you in touch with the players to see if there is any synergy.

Aloha e Rik - Currently we don't have any bandwidth to dedicate to SL, but we are happy to support others who are interested in building out a TechHui SL presence. TechHui is a community effort. Its part of the 10% of time and money Ikayzo dedicates to community efforts in addition to the contributions of many other organizations including UH, HTDC, etc. We aren't looking to monetize it.

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