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I'm here at the Big Nerd Ranch in Atlanta taking Cocoa classes for the week. There was some discussion of them having the classes in Honolulu in the future. One of the teachers is Kamaaina. They said they would need a minimum to do the class. is their website.

Would anybody be interested in a week long intensive course on developing for Mac and iPhone?


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I'd be interested. What would the cost of the course be?
I too would be interested in attending (depending on the cost and the material covered).
I'll try to get some prices
That includes 3 meals a day and 7 nights stay at a lodge

John Wang said:
Based on your link, it's about $5,000 for a week of Boot Camp type class. Here's the beginning iPhone BootCamp class.

It gives you a pretty good idea about what you'll learn from the Syllabus and also from the course layout.
I'd be interested. I see that this is a few months old, has there been any definite talk of their arrival.

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