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I am looking to have a multi-day conference in Honolulu (probably Waikiki) and am trying to figure out the best location for it.

We are planning to have 100 attendees (almost all from outside the state).

I checked a few hotels and am not sure of the 'deals' offered.

Lunch seemed to be moderately expensive - with $50 per person quoted.

Internet seemed to be crazy with a quote for $2,000 per day for wireless access (which the sales person claims is significantly reduced from their 'standard' rate of $17,500 per day for 100 attendees).

Anyone have any advice on what to look for or best places to consider? Thanks.

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Try UH where we had the TechHui conference
Interesting. I had not considered UH.

This conference needs to be during the week (among other things, it will be 2-3 days). Also, since people will be traveling from Asia and the Mainland, the challenge with UH will be commuting from their hotels.

Gus Higuera said:
Try UH where we had the TechHui conference
If it's during the summer, getting to UH isn't a big deal..
Planning for December. More attractive to out of state people to attend.

Brian said:
If it's during the summer, getting to UH isn't a big deal..
$17,500/day is pretty hilarious. Who comes up with these figures. It'd be radically cheaper to run your own wifi for that price..
Internet access or even getting an extra chair at a conference is such a racket.
The Hawaii Tokai International College has some pretty nice facilities right on the Ala Wai and Kalakaua. I taught there once in the mid 90s. You might contact them and ask if you can rent their conference rooms.

Facility Usage Agreement:
Miramar Hotel Waikiki has the best deal and plenty parking. Ask for General Manager Ted Sakai, tell him you are referred by his fellow UH TIM Alumni, Johnson Choi
If you need internet service, feel free to give me a hit up. I am the local master dealer for CLEAR. Internet setup is simple, and as long as I can get signal in that area it should be fine.

Let me know

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