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It strikes me that one way to ameliorate the traffic situation and decrease emmisions on Oahu would be to create tax incentives for companies that allow information workers to work from home. The tax credit would be based on how many information workers they allow to telecommute. This would greatly reduce the number of people slogging between the Ewa plain and town.

Companies could make the telecommuting positions available to top performers. This would increase productivity while decreasing emissions. In my experience top performers tend to perform just as well remotely as they do on location. Thoughts?

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Interesting. Hopefully the Cisco virtual office package will address the security issues mentioned in the Gartner report. As long as employees are on a VPN with a locked-down company issued machine I don't think the risks are that much greater, but there are obviously some physical security issues. Of course, these also exist whenever an employee travels. Certain security issues, physical security issues in particular, always come down to employee competence and responsibility. A dimwitted, irresponsible or malicious employee will cause problems whether or not they telecommute.

aaron kagawa said:
Earlier this year, Cisco released results from a study that found remote workers are increasingly cavalier about security issues, as the lines between home and work uses of technology have become more blurred. (Gartner released similar caveats in October 2006.) "
Yup, if the employee is careful and cognizant of the risks then they can work around the insecurities presented by being remote. When I was hunting for office space for rent this was a prime concern with the office I ended up getting because there was a clause in there that said that property management could enter at any time to check on the shared switchbox/cable stuff. Apple didn't like this at all especially should I accidentally leave my screen unlocked or have a physical device left unattended on my desk that someone might accidentally see. With a few precautions all was well (auto screensaver + pwd, and a locked drawer to put away stuff when I wasn't around).

The places that are tough are when working from Starbucks or someplace out in the open when its sometimes hard to find the perfect spot where no one can peek at the screen...
Curtis Kropar just pointed out a new bill under review that does exactly what we are discussing in this thread.

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