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KICKSTARTER: More rules, anti-science

I read an article recently about the Kickstarter web site in which a controversy arose over a project that involved genetic engineering. The founders of Kickstarter are very arts-oriented, and in fact the initial objective of the site was to provide artists the opportunity to fund their art projects. It was only later that more techie projects also took hold on the site. So, the artsy-folks took exception to a genetic engineering project and complained that it shouldn't be allowed on the site. The result was that Kickstarter added yet more rules on what can and cannot be funded on their site.

So, I'm thinking that there needs to be a site that is specifically oriented to the advancement of technology and uses a Kickstarter style of funding, with minimal rules on what can and cannot be funded. And get rid of the need to have "rewards" given to those who support a project. That just complicates the issue way too much. You could do that if you wish, but you could also just accept donations.

I'm thinking of a Unfortunately that domain name is already used (and has nothing to do with the kickstarter concept). But something along that line. I'd even make it a basically free site, i.e. with the site taking only enough percentage of the raised funds to support the site, as opposed to Kickstarter which is making out like a bandit.


Roger Garrett

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Or you could just do what lockitron did (since kickstarter doesn't allow "home improvement" projects) and roll your own crowd funding mechanism.

Or use indigogo, etc.

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