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Funny, you should include the picture in your post.. :)

Anyway, I'd be waiting for a Google Pad, as it seems to be having a more open/techie oriented approach to it.

It is interesting to see Apple 'rush into market' with iPhone and now doing the same thing with iPad. It seems they are trying a bit too hard to 'grab' their market share at the expense of commonly expected usability features, and then slapping others with patent suits.

Shouldn't it be more about well tested and commonly accepted technological innovations that users can rely on to help manage their everyday tasks? I am all for healthy competition, but not at the expense of losses in productivity, simply because one company thinks it has the 'cutest' user interface.. :)
First Look Review of the iPad - Funny stuff
Doode, that video was hilarious!
Thanks for that, Kostya. I didn't even realize that I could edit a post after it was committed :)

Konstantin A Lukin said:
Funny, you should include the picture in your post.. :)
Nice one, Kimo! Thanks for adding a bit of the dark side into the iPad movie.. :)
Innovation and leading into an infant or new market is always expensive. However, Apple has the clout and fanboys to put out a half done product, generate a ton of buzz, have significant ROI, and capture the lead role here. Haters gonna hate, but I gotta give them props for smart business.
Haters gonna hate, but I gotta give them props for smart business.
Good point, as their tactics are effective, though they are playing hardball a bit :) Generally I found that iPhone is very popular among less tech aware people. Techies usually gravitate towards more open platforms that let them do more stuff. There are lots of apps for iPhone, but most of them are trying to capitalize on the gold rush. I think iPhone has a lot of good points, especially in hardware/usability. I do not like closed platform, iTunes sync, no customization, no multitask, objective-C, etc.. I've switched to Android, which has lots of good points software wise, but is lacking nice hardware/UX features.
As an old time Windows user, I really like Apple OS X and their MacBook. Their software is generally easy to use and works quite well. There are less headaches since a lot of their stuff if very polished out.

Apple is now taking an active stance against Google, though IMO they should be working closely with each other.

I also think there is more than one way to do 'smart' business, which sometimes means working with others to produce a better product, not bashing competition with lawsuits abusing ill-designed patent system.

I think what makes a good product is not only its features and usability, but also company's policies and their behavior towards competition.
I not sure anything should have the name pad in it that doesnt start with maxi.

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