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International conference on software engineering coming to Honolulu

ICSE 2011 is coming to Honolulu in May!  See: for all the details.  In particular people might be interested in the Technical Briefings (mini-tutorials) on the following topics:


-- Requirements Traceability in Software Intensive Systems

-- Studying Software Engineering as a Human Activity

-- Optimizing Software Testing

-- Software Engineering for Secure Systems

-- Mining Software Engineering Data

-- Towards Industrialization of Business Application Development Using a Model-driven Approach

-- Symbolic Execution and Software Testing

-- Empirical Software Engineering, Version 2.0

-- REST: The Emerging Architectural Style for Service Oriented Computing

-- Patents and Software Engineering

-- Software Visualization - Principles and Practice

-- Context-bounded Verification of Concurrent Software









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Sounds interesting! You should post it in the event calendar to get more visibility.
Good suggestion!  I'll do that right away.

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