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I'm a designer in need of a rockstar back-end partner in crime

Aloha TechHui-ans, I'm a front-end developer ready to take on a large new project from a local green energy company in need of someone who'd like to team up and bust out some really high quality web product together. It's a very exciting project involving communication with various government weather sites,, and a great opportunity to create some beautiful code. If you're interested, we'll meet up somewhere on the island to discuss the project and each other's skills and interests. A blind hacker date if you will :D

If you want to learn more about who I am, my site is and I am @whalesalad on twitter. I'm an expert with HTML/CSS and Javascript, and an intermediate PHP programmer. Most of my past experience has work has rested on top of Django, so I have a lot of experience there as well.

The language for this project is really up to us, so contact me regardless of what you're skills are. Shoot me an email directly at, or just contact thru twitter or my site.

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