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Anyone who does web design can relate to this.   "Comic Sans and Papyrus suck! They cause us nightmares, we lose sleep over them."  haha


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I like Comic Sans.  I'm pretty sure in high school or my early years of college I turned in an entire paper written in Comic Sans because I liked it so much - that was in the late '90s though when you could still get away with doing things like that.  I've never heard of Papyrus before, but now that I've checked it out on Wikipedia, I'm thinking thats pretty cool too.  I'm not saying its always appropriate to use, but gees graphic designers, wheres the love? :)

NOOOOOOOOO! [shaking fists at the sky]  ;)   we have a no papyrus rule with my team! 

Its kind of become a running joke in the graphic and web design industry and we will get made fun of for using it because it is so overused.  In fact, a client once insisted that I use Papyrus and I did not include the site on my portfolio just because I was afraid my peeps would give me crap about it forever and ever.

Plus it just makes me think of Avatar now. lol

That should be a t-shirt.  And we could wear them to meetings.  I feel like I have a once a week Papyrus discussion, this would sure save a lot of time.

I'm not going to lie, Papyrus may or may not have been used on one of my projects in 2003/2004.....   :-)

I commend you on your bravery.  Admitting it is always the first step.   I too, also have a few sites out there where I made an exception. Of course, they aren't in my portfolio and I will deny it if anyone asks.  :)


I'm not even in web design. A friend needed help, and I was like "ooooooooh, what font is THIS?!" 

Found another GEM.   I laughed out loud on this one.

Another major offender in Hawaii: Zapf Chancery. Use of uppercase Zapf Chancery is particularly heinous and should probably be punishable by death.

The prevalence of Papyrus in Hawaii is amusing. Many people seem to think it looks Hawaiian. I can't imagine why, as it looks very Egyptian to me. Perhaps the issue is an absence of good Hawaiian display fonts.

re: Make My Logo Bigger Cream


Exactly!  In fact I think the origin of the font is actually Gaelic.

There is like one person who has made a series of Polynesian Fonts ( which every hotel in town is using now, but they they don't make it in the format needed for cufon and other web font replacement tools. :(

I tried to make fonts once.  Its harder than it looks.  And the result looked like a 4 year old did it.

I almost cried when I saw Avatar for the 1st time.

All the years developing new VFX processes, set design and visual storytelling with realtime motion capture integrated in a beautiful and realistic CG environment..... then they named the unobtainable element "Unobtanium" and used flipping Papyrus for the subtitles when the aliens were talking. I wanted to throw up and yell at the whoever was in charge of green lighting that decision.  Being subjected to reading that much Papyrus is just wrong.

Another "hidden" piece of tech using by James Cameron is the "Digital Fountain" by Qualcomm. Think of a FTP that chops the transfer into lots of channels that have a whole bunch of error correction added to them. Then if the link is reliable it will purposely drop out channels and mathmatically recreate the dropped channels at the far end. Similar in concept to the parity drive on a RAID array, this allows folks to transfer more data than they have data pipes. Requires a bunch of processor, but considering that metro ethernet is still pretty expensive, well worth the million that Avatar paid to move their daily's around. I tested this 10 years ago and got nearly a 10 fold increase in throughput going from Honolulu to Gainsville.

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