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Hi everyone

Managed to find this community from my wedding photographer! He recommended it's a good starting point to get in touch with the tech community in Honolulu.

I'm an Australian and will be moving to Hawaii in May to get married and live with my beloved wife to be :)

My background is in online marketing - SEO, Search Engine Marketing (AdWords/Bing), Google Analytics and more. Have worked with/for blue chip companies in Australia including eBay, Salesforce and HotelClub. Am hoping to start an online marketing consultancy later on.

Seeing that I'm new to Hawaii, would love to network and get connected with the tech community, entrepreneurs and like-minded people. Also, to have a beer and have a laugh with!

Anyway, I'm currently visiting Hawaii for the next couple of weeks so if there's any relevant meet ups I should check out, please let me know! Would love to pop by and say hi.

Mahalo! :)

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E komo mai Danny! We are happy you found us, and I hope we can help you get connected. A few things to check out, both on TechHui and elsewhere:

Congrats on your engagement! 

Thanks Mika. Box Jelly sounds awesome - great that Honolulu has a collaborative space. Will keep an eye out for any relevant events in the event calendar. Notice there's something happening tonight - shame I found out too late!

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