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There's a great organization called the Founder Institute. It's online at Its objective is helping startups get started, even if you're only at the idea stage. Have a look at their website via the link, below.
I think this would be a great resource for those of us looking to get our startup started up.
But there's NO CHAPTER here in Hawaii.
Here's what the website says about getting one started:
"The Founder Institute looks for the highest quality directors to lead a chapter. Regardless of demand, we wait and qualify the best Directors to come to us in each city before that Director can lead a chapter.
If you'd like to bring Founders Institute to Hawaii, please send any qualified and experienced entrepreneurs that you think are a good fit to, or vote for your city at"
So, is there anyone out there with the experience and skills to help get a chapter started here?

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Huh. We had Founders Institute events here in 2013-2014, I think Russell Cheng of DevLeague was coordinating. Guess the chapter folded. I'm thinking we could turn to freshly minted founders from the local accelerator programs -- at least those that have survived -- for the core team of a new one?

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