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Do you need networking or cabling installed ?

We have a unique opportunity for you and to get some great PR out of it too ! We are a local technology based non profit organization. For the past 7 years we have been teaching low income people how to be technicians and network installers. We have a crew of people that we have trained on how to do network installations and we would like the opportunity to show off their skills and assist you with your projects.
Our crew just completed installations for :
1) A Church / school in Kalihi - 48 ports (two 24 port blocks), Gigabit tested and verified. Shelving and two wall mount racks, over 2,000 feet of cable and moving phone lines. All ports labeled at both ends.
2) Our new internet cafe in Waianae - 96 ports (two 48 port blocks), Gigabit tested and verified. Over 4,000 feet of cable and moving phone lines, 2 post floor stand rack, cable ladder. All ports labeled at both ends.
3) Habitat for Humanity - 12 ports, Gigabit tested and verified. Shelving and wall mount rack, roughly 500 feet of cable and moving phone lines. All ports labeled at both ends.
Past job installations for our older trained crew includes a 72 port installation (48 active lines) Gigabit tested and verified. Connecting 3 floors and 2 buildings with underground conduit. Over 3,000 feet of cable. Now in operations for 5 years with zero flaws in cable fault.
You may inspect any of these locations to see the work.
My personal experience as the Executive Director of the organization includes 30+ years in the field of IT.
We would like you to consider using our crew to help you with your projects. You may hire them directly if you are pleased with their performance or we can be an installation contractor for you. This provides you with a great PR opportunity of helping out a local non profit org as well a hiring low income people for paying jobs.
This is our website and KITV news articles of other projects we do, all based on helping low income people with technology and attached is some additional info.  - Please us the Contact Us page
Kids off the street.
Thank you !


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Would your kids be interested in an internship?


Aloha Don !

Thanks for writing. 

Yes, we can talk more about this. In fact I was going to ask you if you might be interested in sub contracting us ?

Actually, we only have few kids doing the networking. Most of our crew are adults with a variety of backgrounds. Most are low income learning a new skill (and progressing very well), some are in college in the IT field, and as well we have experienced techs that we are teaching networking to. 2 of my volunteers are former employees of Intel corp, another a former employee of MicroSoft, and another a former employee of Boeing. By the way, 2 of the kids that come to mind are 16 years old and have both assisted in our mobile projects where we set up 20-40 computers for shows and events and network all of it together. The last event we did was the job fair at the Blaisdell in September. We set up 35 computers in about 5 hours and had roughly 700 people use them throughout the day. The 16 year old was in charge of making sure the network functioned properly.

If you are only looking for a few people directly, we can help you with that as I have a couple in mind that might be interested. Please email me directly at our website : Curtis  >>at

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