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Blueseed: A floating visa-free tech incubator with housing, offices, stores, cafes, a post office & hospital - An interesting response to the United States' bizarre immigration policies with regard to entreprenuers and technologists. I'm still trying to figure out why we work so hard to keep technologists with graduate degrees out of the country.

Blueseed is a bold new initiative hoping to create a floating 'entrepreneurship and techno...

"The new initiative hopes to create a floating "entrepreneurship and technology incubator" off the coast of San Francisco, allowing the next generation of creative entrepreneurs to legally develop new technologies without US working visas." Full article on GizMag, more on Wired

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I love the idea of floating autonomous micronations!

So do I. It would be a lot cheaper to do on land, but the politics would be far more complex.

Where can I order one? And do they come with nurf cannons to battle other floating incubators?

LOL! I would definitely pay extra for nurf cannons.

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