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Microsoft will announce Silverlight on the desktop at the Mix conference later this week according to a recent posting on TechCrunch. This is an obvious challenge to Adobe Air. If true, this means developers will be able to create cross platform dektop applications using VisualStudio and Expression in any language targeting the CRE (compiled languages) or DRE (dynanic languages.)

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Has Microsoft announced this?
I've had my head down in Ooi, so I could have missed it but as far as I know Microsoft has yet to announce an offline version. It sounds like TechCrunch got this wrong.

You could always BS this on windows by creating a simple wrapper with a frame and a browser control in WPF or WinForms. Of course the real benefit of having a true Silverlight desktop toolkit is the cross platform capabilities. Soon you will be able to develop Silverlight applications in Eclipse making it truly cross platform in terms of deployment and development.

I've long thought Microsoft should invest in a robust Silverlight version of Office. I'm willing to bet they eventually will.
I think they are too late. Flex and Air will dominate.

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