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Following Michal Anne Rogondino impressive presentation on GUI at the Unconferenz, there was a lively discussion. Anyone interested to meet up to continue the talk? I'm interested to perhaps share each other's GUI designs and provide feedback to one another. I think that would be really helpful to me.

p.s. Michal Anne, what presentation software do you use? Didn't look like your typical powerpoint!

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Hi Folks,

Lets do another GUI meetup April 9 (per our second Wed schedule), 6:30 at MIC. Assuming you guys are interested, I am happy to start with a short presentation on hybrid web/desktop UIs.

Does anyone have an app they would like to review with the group? I thought the Ascribe group discussion was very productive.
Sounds good... I may be a little late... but then again, everybody usually is!
Sounds good -- I'll be there! Dan, last time we talked about keeping this low-key: should I leave it off TechOahu?
Hi Shawn - Thank you for asking. Lets leave it off this time and ask the participants at the meeting what they think for May.
Hybrid apps - great topic! I've been traveling on the mainland, but expect to be back by the 9th, so hope to see you all then. I wish my app were further along, and I could show it... another time...
I hope you make it. I was specifically thinking of you and your project when I came up with the topic :-)
I wish I was further along with my project and could present it ... but not yet. Nonetheless, the conversation will be great!
I'll be there, too! Thanks for organizing, Dan.
i'll be there!
Hi Guys,

I'll do my best to be there. As you know, Aloha Airlines, is kaput, and that was my partner's company and also my transportation from SF to HNL. I booked to come home tomorrow on ATA... as of today they are kaput... now I have no idea how I'm getting home. Wish me luck!

:-D Life's an adventure!!!!!!
Double yikes! :(
Maybe your partner can apply for one of the job openings at Hawaiian Airlines.
Hope you can get home!
Due to various scheduling issues, and the fact we are a little short of our attendance target, we are rescheduling tomorrow's meeting to next Tuesday at 7:00pm. Shawn will post the details shortly on TechOahu, which is accessible from the calendar section on our front page. We apologize for the short notice.

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