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My boy from SF lays down some Positive forward-thinking points for innovating out of the gloom and doom we see on TV.

VC’s Gloom Means Entrepeneurs’ and Angels’ Boon

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Investors Turn Up the Pressure: Cut Costs; Raise Money Now (WSJ Blog)

– Lower “burn rates.”
– Speed up fund raising.
– Don’t be too picky about investors.
– Aggressively pursue mergers and acquisitions.
– Be realistic.
– Seek partners.

This may sound strange to some, but we're in about the same situation (when it comes to pressure being placed for capital). We are not part of a station group and "owned" by a capital fund and operated locally. Though we are not a start up, in many ways I see us as a tech company trying to change into something else as the impending convergence becomes reality.

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