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What is the best possible business environment for professional programmers?

Please describe your best scenario and let me know what is important to you.

Please let me know if there are links to information that best supports your perspective.

Obvious issues:
How to protect company products and code?

How to allow programmers to continue to hold onto the IP that they brought to the company?

How to reward exceptional innovation and programming skills with royalties and/or stock?

How to be fair to a team of programmers in deciding what the split of royalty/stock should be?

What percentage of the profit is fair for the company to hold onto considering that they footing the development bill?

Is there a viable way for programmers to band together in a “community corporation” (i.e. agency) that is better than working as independent contractors?

What are the advantages of the open source model? Could a community corporation bootstrap as with open source projects?

What can we do as programmers to collectively increase the use of custom and product development within Hawaii? There are about ~1600 companies in Hawaii that need the help of good programmers to survive and grow their business. It is quite an opportunity.

What kind of standards and “starter” code should a hui start with to help Hawaii businesses?

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