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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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Three good things about being a UH ICS student:

1. Meeting new people and working together to improve not only group work and communication skills, but also building friendships. Having other people to work with has been greatly beneficial for me because it helped me become exposed to different ideas, and helped me expand my way of thinking. Building these connections also can be beneficial not only from a professional standpoint, but from a personal standpoint as well. Having personal connections with people has helped with building a great support system, which is important when times/classes become difficult. 

2. Using the challenging courses to increase problem solving skills and learn more about the growing field of Computer Science. Computer Science is always changing, and being able to learn great problem solving skills can help increase the ability to adapt in situations that may not be familiar. This skill has helped me not only in past ICS courses figuring out coding problems, but with other classes that require logical reasoning.

3. Gaining knowledge from real ICS professionals about jobs, building a professional profile online, and being able to apply what I learned to not only computer science, but every day life. Having the privilege to be taught by ICS professors that are willing to share their knowledge about the field and always being available for help and guidance has helped me understand what I want to work towards in the field.

1. A vast selection of career paths from Data Science to Cybersecurity and Ethics

2. Meeting new people and the ability to network with Tech Companies.

3. Learning more programming languages and being able to apply them to class assignments

1. Having a common space for the ics students to gather around to seek help makes it a lot easier for students to gain the guidance they need and to also make life long friendships.

2. Having various clubs that relates to computer science helps students find out more about the field that theyre interested in and get a headstart on their career.

3. Some of the ics professors have done a very good job on helping out their students when they need it. They make themselves available and try their best at explaining hard to understand concepts to us. 

1. Having others around you who also are interested in computer science and may have similar goals. Forming bonds and friendships that provide support and open up new opportunities.

2. The events and resources that are available to students. One of them being career fairs, where you get to meet companies that peak your interests. There are also resources UH provides that helps you prepare for career fairs.

3. There are many classes available that ics students can choose. Also, student opinion has a factor on what new classes could be created.

1. The professors and TAs come across as passionate about Computer Science which is encouraging as a student.

2. The ICS program provides a variety of resources and help to ICS students.

3. The ICS program helps to provide opportunities and skills needed for internships, etc.

1. ICS program provides opportunities for students inside and outside school. 

2. Meeting a lot of people in the same industry. 

3. Learning from great TA's and Professors.  

1) This program encourages teamwork; while you can work on projects solo, working with other students and even professors provide the most benefits.
2) Recommended resources are typically provided by the professors and staff, thus saving money on items such as textbooks.
3) The program also helps teach students on finding different ways to approach a problem, since there are instances in which one route might be favored over the other.

1. There are clubs for students to join to explore the various fields of computer science and to meet other people. 

2. There are lots of career opportunities out there because technology is always changing. 

3. Learn the tools and skills needed to succeed and to become a professional programmer.

1) Amazing professors and advisors who are able to genuinely help you and guide you in planning out your career path while at UH.

2) Computer-related clubs that are enjoyable and relevant to the offered ICS classes.

3) Networking with students, professors, and professionals who share the same passion for computer science.

1. Learning from professors who also work / worked in the field and have a lot of experience, which makes them good teachers.

2. Learning to program in different languages. I hadn't had any experience before I came to UH, and it is very interesting to learn about the different languages and how they work / how to program in them.

3. There are always people ready to help you. It is encouraged that you collaborate with your peers and the professors and TA's are often open to help with any questions, which makes me feel welcome to ask any question if I get stuck.

1. There is a big pool of career paths you can take.

2. Getting to know more people who are in the major/industry.

3. Access to knowledgeable professors in the department .

Since I am a CENG student, I will list three good things about the CENG department.

1. The teachers are knowledgeable and explain topics well.

2. Good homework coding problems for practice/learning.

3. Having interesting elective classes such as Machine learning, Reverse engineering, etc.



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