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Position opening: Administrative support for PhD program at UH

I put this on what said was "my blog" because it is not a tech job, but then Dan L said that "my blog" is really "the blog" (a group blog?) and job postings should go here, so here it is ... apologies if you don't find this relevant, but maybe a good rationale is that the CIS program produces graduates for the Hawaii tech community, and having good admin support for me (the chair) would be a good thing! Please pass on to good people.


This half time position provides administrative and fiscal support to all aspects of the Communication and Information Sciences (CIS) Ph.D. program, coordinating with CIS program chairperson, department chairs (Communications, Information & Computer Sciences, Information Technology Management, Library Information Sciences), and appropriate Graduate Division offices. Duties include: Organize applications to the program, inform applicants of missing components, schedule application review meetings with the program chair and departmental representatives, and write and distribute decision letters. Assist incoming students with transition into the program. Advise students on program requirements. Assist students and faculty with campus academic procedures and forms related to students' academic progress. Maintain both paper-based files and electronic databases of student and program information. Maintain contact information for program faculty and students, including electronic mailing lists, and yearly updates of CIS entries in the University Catalog. Schedule qualifying exams each semester. Update content on the CIS website (e.g. announcing events, adding faculty and students). Keep track of program alumni. Generate timely reports on student enrollment and progress, fiscal aspects, and alumni status to meet the needs of the program, college, and accreditation bodies. Process hiring and termination of teaching assistantships. Develop and track an annual budget.

Please see for complete job posting and application requirements. See for the program to be supported. Apply by July 31st.

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