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Came across an interesting article at CNN about freelance coders getting together to work. Here's an excerpt:
More than a decade after the Internet allowed millions of people to work at home, the next phase of telecommuting involves, well, not working at home. Organized "coworking" -- the concept of working solo alongside like-minded independents -- has spread to dozens of cities.
Full article:
Check out the narrated slideshow:
Watch CNN video:

Anyone interested in forming a "Coworking Group" or Jelly in Honolulu for regularly scheduled half-day work-times, perhaps once a month or once a week? Perhaps we can camp at Glazers. Or perhaps there would be a restaurant someone can suggest that would mind us camping out that also provides good food. One possibility is the Tropical Smoothie Cafe (88 Piikoi St across from Sears Ala Moana) which has great food and wifi provided by Skywave (1 hour free w/ purchase, but unlimited free for HawaiianTel DSL customer). Or perhaps a company would be willing to host a coworking group in their conference room once a month.

Benefits of coworking:
  • get out of the house to focus on work
  • network with other people in your field(s)
  • cross-pollination of ideas and new tech
  • collaborate

Ideas? Interest? As a chronically "nomadic coffee-bar camper", a coworking group would be great change of pace for me!

Update: Just found out about a possible Jelly in Kaneohe. Here's a video about Jelly:

What is Jelly? from Amit Gupta on Vimeo.

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We had a great first coworking meeting this morning. My good friend, Hugh Khim, came and we chatted about a possible iPhone app business idea. Mark Quezada also joined us. He gave me some great feedback on my Software as a Service webapp Ascribe as to how I might parcel out web services which he could use on his very well done church website. He also cued me in on some great IE web development tools that I could have used years ago:
  • DebugBar - an IE extension somewhat like Firebug
  • MultipleIE - for installing multiple old versions of IE alongside IE7 on the same computer
We also had Aaron Dragushan of Wondermill and Manoa Geeks and Carlos, HPU student, join us as well. Four of us also had a great time over lunch at Down to Earth nearby.

I think we can try doing this once a week on Tuesdays from 8am to noon. Let me know if anyone has feedback on time/location. Patrick Kelly had mentioned a desire for a location closer to Central Oahu. Are there others who would like this as well. I live in town, close to UH, so I prefer being in town. But I'd like to hear from others as to location preference. If there is enough interest, perhaps we can have multiple locations.
There was an interesting related article in the Web Worker Daily today. I'm really looking forward to attending the current coworking meetups once I get this major move behind me!
Nice Truman, we also started a small co-working hui over here in Hilo. We're planning our first meeting next month to coincide with a mini-WordCamp. Edu for a couple hours then co-working after that. I mention this because in Hilo, we're using the Hawaii Innovation Center.

You also have one of these spaces in Manoa and HMAUS (got this from Eugene Villaluz) is already using the space for their own WordCamp. There could be synergy there for you? Also, there's a group you may want to cross-post to that's working on a Podcamp Hawaii. All progressive folks. Good luck with your group, hope to come hang out sometime and get some work done.
Hi Brent, thanks. All the best to you folks in Hilo with your coworking group. You're welcome anytime to ours here in Honolulu.

Thank you for sharing the HMAUS website with me. It's of interest to me as I just bought my second Mac ... this time a MacBook Pro to use as my main computer. It's a learning curve for me being mainly a Windows guy, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Can you direct me to a place on the HMAUS website that you think I could post about the Coworking Group here in Honolulu?

As far as the Manoa Innovation Center ... I'm not sure they have space available for an informal Jelly/Coworking group can meet without needing to pay for it. It would be a great idea for them to consider though as I can see these informal work gatherings as fertile ground for helping people meet and form startup companies.
co-working is totally fertile ground for entrepreneurs. Gee, I didn't notice they had comments turned off on the web weavers workshop page. Maybe in their forums?

Anytime you're ever over here, shoot me a note! I'll totally make it to one of your events over there sometime.
Hey Guys !

Remember i mentioned a while back about the potential space for co-working ?
Well we signed the lease for our new space. We are setting up a public access computer lab and a classroom at our new location. The address is 631 n. King Street. There is on street (free) parking for all except 4 hours (2 morning rush and 2 hours afternoon rush). We are also looking into the possibility to have coffee and some snacks there as well.

The classroom will have white boards and a projector and of course we will have wireless set up too. At current estimate we will have roughly 30 computers available inside of the new space. (still working out some details) . Originally estimated that we would be done with remodeling in early March... but right now we are already about 4 weeks ahead of schedule with the move in.

If anyone is interested in seeing the space and even making some suggestions or helping out /volunteering (we are a non profit org :) ), drop me a line and let me know. Curtis // at \\ HawaiianHope //dot \\ org
What is happening with this? Is there a coworking group that is meeting somewhere?
Cameron, I ran weekly coworking meetings throughout the summer of 2008 but was never able to gather a core group of "coworkers". Attendance hovered around 4-5 people, but not always the same folks. I also found that rather than actually working, we enjoyed mostly talking. For that perhaps a tech lunch or evening gathering is a better forum. So at the end of the summer, I stopped hosting the coworking group.

Nevertheless, the professional networking that occured at the coworking had great merit. Two jobs resulted from the relationships built at the meetings, that I know of.

Thanks, Curtis, for the offer! I think a more permanent coworking space would be more conducive to actual work taking place. I haven't heard much from Ryan Ozawa about his coworking effort since his post which resulted in 27 comments. Tim Ames thought about setting up a coworking space. Not sure if he pursued that. Aryn Nakaoka announced that his company was in the final stages of opening a coworking space at a mall in Honolulu. That was in September. I haven't heard of the grand opening yet.
Sounds great. . .. but I am in Maui.
There are 12 members in Maui Techies. You could start a Maui coworking group.

BTW: It was nice meeting you yesterday.

Ben Ward said:
Sounds great. . .. but I am in Maui.
Done. Thanks!

Mika Leuck said:
There are 12 members in Maui Techies. You could start a Maui coworking group.

BTW: It was nice meeting you yesterday.

Ben Ward said:
Sounds great. . .. but I am in Maui.

We're seeking your input for Coworking on Maui --

Please answer 10 super quick questions to help us learn what's important to you!

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