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Has anyone had any experience with the Compiere suite of business applications?


Compiere is a Java based application solution suite with an open source base that can be customized. Development companies can make money by creating niche solutions and add-ons. Local programming companies can implement customized solutions.

Does Compiere have any peers in the Java environment?

Note: NetSuite is a comparison in terms of technology and functionality but NetSuite is ONLY a hosted solution. Compiere is available as a hosted or on site solution.

I would appreciate thoughts and feedback.

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It looks very interesting! Openbravo is another open source suite that I'm looking at.
Thanks for the info on Openbravo. Sorry for the delayed response - I've been on vacation.

My interest is to collaboratively determine the best way to is to develop rapid business applications in both Java and .NET.

Your evaluation of the AJAX environments is of great interest to me. I'm kinda leaning toward AJAX with VS 2008 as the best environment for business application development. The availibility of VSTO and VSTA, WSS, SP Server, and Windows Workflow are significant factors. My work focus over the last 5 years has been on projects integrating ECM and ERP. The current MS environment seems to include everything.
Note of interest: Openbravo is based on the Compiere data model foundation. Openbravo has extended Compiere to function with additional business standards for other countries.


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