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Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawai'i: Genetic Engineering Chemical Warfare

CALL TO ACTION: Tell Kamehameha Schools to end genetic and chemical contamination of Ali'i Trust Lands! Dee Jay Mailer CEO, Kamehameha Schools djmailer@ksbe....

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Comment by Rubén Peña on October 21, 2012 at 5:52pm

Hello fellow Tech-Huians
This is an awesome video that brings even more light on the subject of unchecked & unfettered experimental research & clandestine nocturnal crop spraying conducted by GMO companies on Hawaiian lands with (over 70) varying chemicals (many of which are unknown to the public since there’s very little transparency & of those sprayed that are known, these are proven to be hazardous to humans) which consequently cause runoff drift & chemical contamination into rivers & streams & ultimately cause adverse serious genetic health issues in humans & our keiki offspring.
The last time I addressed this issue after posting the videos "Whats Wrong with GMO's" & "Islands at Risk: GMO's in Hawaii" along with my BLOG post "Islands at Risk - GMO's in Hawai'i" on TechHui in Nov'09 & Mar'10, I was quickly shot down by many TechHuian's whom accused me of posting videos ...
1) of folks interviewed that have little or no credentials aside from titles like "Activist" (not true since there were many professionals & experts that also were interviewed in these videos) and ...
2) with fear mongering by a small faction of anti-GMO zealots, Organic Farmers & HI Farmer’s Unions with a lot of emotional, fear based statements like "They are making monsters!", "They are putting foreign things into foreign things!" where the claim was that these comments do not lend themselves to rational objective debate (not true since there were many professionals & experts that were also interviewed in these videos & offered objective debates & facts) and ...
3) with unsubstantiated claims by asking us to accept an axiom (truth that is deemed to be "self evident") that GMO's & genetic engineering are "inherently unethical"; the accusation that this is a religious argument that leaves no room for real scientific debate ...
on my Blog, & furthermore that the concerns & arguments of the adverse effects of GMO's on Hawaiian Lands was getting old since we've all already been around the block on this one, that the majority of Hawaiians are unaffected by GMO's & therefore are unconcerned, that GMO's are not at all risky nor adversely affect Hawai'i, that much of the Hawaiian public support GMO's & therefore that GMO concerns on Hawaiian lands are unsubstantiated.
Needless to say, at that time, I felt offended & was even flabbergasted by the callousness of many responses I received from other TechHuian's about this issue, particularly those that live in Hawaii & are educated professional members of TechHui because that adverse reaction flies in the face of "Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono" ... "Life is Perpetuated through a Balanced Relationship with the Land".
I would've expected a more objective & balanced discussion on this issue at the time from others that would bring forth more evidence to debate the issue one way or another; instead it was clear that the majority of the responses on my Blog were from ultra-conservative TechHuian's whom had already made up their minds about the issue & were in favor of GMO's before that healthy debate could take place.
Here’s a shout-out to Tom Hemenway for bringing this issue back to the fore with much stronger arguments against GMO's. The data & facts speak for themselves.

God Bless Hawai'i


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