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What do you think businesses are looking for in new tech graduates?

As consultants what do you hear from your clients about what skills they are looking for in new IT graduates? As an IT professional and business owner, what skills do you believe the new IT graduate should possess?

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Comment by Russell Castagnaro on March 15, 2011 at 8:03am



I know that through my career, the single most important traits that I look for in a new developer candidate is curiosity and problem solving skills.  

Many kids come out of a program or school and they simply have no concept of how to approach a situation where they are being asked to solve a problem.  They have had "problems" set up for them throughout school and never picked learned that how you define the problem is 80% of the solution.

Curious coders (who are not too distracted) will be interested in expanding and growing their skills, and make themselves an asset to the company and ensure a solid career in the future.


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