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October 2, 2009

Save Money, Reduce Pollution, Conserve Water, Support the Local Economy - and Get Rewarded For It!

Honolulu, HI- It’s not everyday that someone will reward you for "walking story." But two Hawaii-based organizations have partnered up to offer local discounts and rewards to people who can reduce their electricity, gas and water usage.

Local sustainable living publication, the HonuGuide and Sustain Hawaii have partnered with Earth Aid to incentive you to change your utility consumption habits.

The idea is fairly simple... Individuals sign-up for the free rewards program. Your electricity, gas and water usage is pulled for the past twelve months and tracked from then on in relation to the same month the year earlier. As you reduce your utility usage, you earn points. The points then translate into discounts at local and green businesses in Hawaii. It’s a unique way to offer positive reinforcement to reduce your utility bills while promoting local and sustainable businesses in Hawaii.

Sustain Hawaii founder, Kevin Vaccarello, worked with Earth Aid to form the partnership. “I read about the Earth Aid program and immediately contacted them to see if we could bring it to Hawaii. Earth Aid loved the idea! The technology is really robust and offers a tool that allows us to track the utility usage per home, zipcode or island,” notes Kevin.

Because the rewards program is based on discount incentives, Sustain Hawaii decided to partner with the local, green coupon book, the HonuGuide. The 2009 HonuGuide offered over $3,500 in discounts from local, green businesses and 50 pages of information about sustainable living in Hawaii. “This rewards program is really timely. People are interested in saving money and working towards more sustainable lifestyles. Businesses that participate in the 2010 HonuGuide will qualify to participate in the rewards program at no extra charge. Basically the discounts will incentivize people to change their utility usage while helping local businesses attract more people to their goods and services. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved,” notes HonuGuide founder Tyler Mongan.

“This rewards program has so much potential,” states Kevin, “people can track their utility consumption and then look for creative ways to encourage reduction, such as community and school district competitions. And the best thing is that we all get rewarded for it.”

As part of Sustain Hawaii’s new action-oriented “Walk Story” initiative, the rewards program is set to launch in October of 2009, around the same time as the 2010 HonuGuide. If you are a local, green business interested in participating in the program you can visit the HonuGuide, or contact Tyler Mongan. For more information you can also contact Kevin Vaccarello.


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