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Viral Marketing Case Study: Chat Roulette Love Song

Many of the best viral videos are spontaneous.  Friends are messing around and happen to have a camcorder handy.  They upload the video, and it goes viral. 


A group of media students in Denmark had a plan.  They would reverse-engineer the key elements of a viral video, and make one.


Here is the result:

If it sounds like these guys were being cold and calculating, the fruit of their labors is anything but.  Let's take a look at what made this video go viral.



We like the new, the different, the interesting.  Why do so many Hollywood remakes fail?  Because we've seen them before (and often conclude that the originals were better).  We've seen a single guy propose marriage before, but not with a group of his buddies.



Never underestimate the power of a catchy song.  For independent filmmakers, it's a shock when they find out how much it costs to get music clearances for the songs they want to put in their movies.  Visuals work the eye, but sound is the secret playground of the mind and the other senses.  The sizzle of a beef patty on a grill can trigger the smell of the meat, the taste of the burger, and more.


A catchy song has staying power.  I'd bet that this track is already being downloaded to MP3 players and set as a cell phone ring.



According to reports, these guys practiced for two and a half months before attempting this routine.  Not only did they have to practice performing the song, they had to rehearse recording the whole thing in one camera take.  That is a lot of hard work.  You wouldn't tell from the video, however.  They look like they're having a blast.  As a result, the viewer does too.



Easily the most important factor of all.  The most expensive special effects and most famous of stars can't save a film without real emotion.  The creators of this video said they genuinely wanted to make someone happy.  That comes across loud and clear. 


When asked how they planned to capitalize on their success, the Danish students said they had no plans.  If they could make people smile, that was enough of a reward. 


A great experiment in showing how joy can be infectious.  What do you think?


For more behind-the-scenes details, check out this article:

Who made the Chat Roulette Love Song?




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Comment by Kevin Luttrell on March 22, 2011 at 8:02pm
You forgot to mention that including a hot girl is essential. ..Wait, chat roulette is the playground for Internet perverts. What's she doing there?


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