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I am faced with a difficult challenge. I have very strong views on what constitutes a well written set of code, those views are almost always different from what people I work with believe.

While I acknowledge that many people here have as much or more experience, and that are as convinced of their own correctness as much as I - I wish to share different interpretations to what many consider "the right way".

The right way – just the implications are arrogant.  Who is to say what the right way is?  How would anyone even discuss such a thing? Is the right thing the approach that works for you? If you meet someone with different, contrasting experiences - but just as successful, which one of you is "more right"?

The truth is not comfortable - since the truth is that in most cases, both are wrong. Why? Because for years, we as programmers tend to work in confined environments and gain an understanding of the best way to solve a narrow set of problems. This leads to people to be convinced in their correctness in all things software, but yet still saying things like "well we agree to disagree", or "there is more than one way to solve the problem". The last sentence is true - there is the right way, and there is everything else.

So how would anyone recognize the right way when faced with their own personal biases?


The reason I started this blog is to write about my discoveries, share some insights, and with luck, even gain some refinements into my day to day processes through the comments and feedback of others.  The challenge is to not be relegated to being the crazy person that mutters to himself as he wanders around the blogosphere.


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